The Ravenous Pig

Finally, a stand alone, non chain, non theme park, non affiliated, independent restaurant worth all of its salt in Orlando. The food gods are smiling.

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Tucked in an unassuming storefront along Orange Av. in Winter Park, FL. this little gem is all but little. In fact it knocks one square in the mouth for not visiting earlier. There is hardly any parking along Orange Av. so valet parking is provided right behind the restaurant. The vibe is very unfussy given the very sophisticated menu offerings. White long sleeved button down shirts and jeans was a very welcoming change to proverbial all  black  uniform.

There are staple items on the menu that stay on year round but certain items rotate seasonally. The chefs stay true to honoring fresh ingredients and blend them seamlessly to create mouthfuls of heaven. Most, if not all of the ingredients, positively contribute to the taste profile of a dish. There are not any fillers that were after thought components on the plate. Kudos culinary team.

Service was a little non attentive. For a restaurant that delivers this level of culinary masterpieces a little more attention could be placed on timing and delivery of food and courses. Corked wines should never be poured especially at the bar and not at the table. Any sort of hiccups like a corked wine deserves a visit by the manager, not here. The manager just kept walking by. He even looked at the table and passed empty dishes without attempting to remove them. But food was on point so…..

Soft lights and an open kitchen created a very warm and welcoming feeling. The outdoor patio is very nice on a cool afternoon. They also allow dogs.

Amazing food, great wines, great atmosphere, service could use some work, but still okay.

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