Orlando Food Truck Bazaar #2

THEDAILYCITY.COM is Orlando City Culture: TheDailyCity.com Orlando Food Truck Bazaar #2.

Fifteen food trucks roared onto the parking lot behind Orlando Fashion Square Mall and set up shop…..stand, shack. Whatever! They parked and kicked on generators or ran their engines or however these palaces of heaven run. Smoke billowed from BBQ trucks, lines started to form, sweat started to pour, people started arriving, dogs started arriving, music started blasting, yea its on. Let the grills and stoves do the talking.

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Not your average lazy Sunday evening. This is hi octane eating. What to eat, which truck has the shortest line, whose food will run out, wait in line, wait for the crowd to ease, is it worth it? Decisions, Decisions, decisions, oh there is food!

After making a sweep of the pickings we settled on Fire House BBQ. The line was moving fairly good and the smells were just belly grumbling. Two sliders, 1 pork and 1 beef, hit the gut like little tickles. Succulent pulled pork and beef with a hint of sauce sat juicily between regular buns. They were pure joy.

Next up, Winter Park Fish Co. We had eaten at their restaurant in Winter Park. Great fresh seafood, nice atmosphere, breezy outdoor patio. Oh the truck. 2 Fish tacos served in a flash almost jumped into my throat. Fresh fish, light batter, crisp lettuce, light sauce, soft taco shell, delightful. These guys know how to handle fish.

To cool it all down, Sunset Ice. The most flavorful little drops of cold delicious coconut and mango flavored ice. There were pieces of coconut in every spoonful and the mango tasted like it was just picked. A real treat to cool off from the Florida sun.

Korean BBQ Taco Box stole the show for the entire event. Their line extended the parking lot length all night long. Most of the other trucks had long lines at 7 pm but shortened significantly around 9 pm. Not this bad boy. These guys rocked all the way to pass 9:30 pm when I left. Although I did not get to eat here tonight I have eaten at this truck and they are very good. Will review separately.

Even though there were a lot of people, every one seemed calm and relax. It seemed like a family evening in the park. Parking lot. Adults, kids, grand ma, grand pa, uncles, aunts, and of course Fido came along for the drooling. There were more dogs there than the doggie park. But all were well behaved and did not lick any bones or Italian ice or from what I could see.

Great event. Can’t wait of the next one.

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3 responses to “Orlando Food Truck Bazaar #2

  1. How do I get on a list to know when the food truck bazaar will be prior to the event. I’ve found out about them after on both occasions and am absolutely lusting to go! Thanks.

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