Korean BBQ Taco Box Truck




Orlando has its own Korean Taco Truck, yea! Bright yellow color stands out anywhere, anytime, don’t mention the food. The food stands out all the time. This is not a bright, shinny, spanking new truck with all the bells and whistles of a professional kitchen. This is a true representation of a street food stand. Anywhere in the world where food is sold on the streets, the conditions are just that “street” level. The most authentic food comes out of a street stand. Culinary schools and professional chefs strive to achieve the flavors of authenticity when preparing ethnic cuisine. So it comes as no surprise that this food truck even as dingy as it looks pumps out amazing food.

The people cooking on this truck genuinely care about what they do. Very often food truck operators take orders, shout orders, and slings food. Not these guys. They actually strike up a conversation with you. Not just the window person but the person on the line or if one of them is outside the truck they will talk with you. Novel concept, people talking to you while they serve you. In a food truck, nonetheless! They are always trying to talk with my doggie, too.

Lets eat. All boxes on the menu come with 2 pieces fried rolls, fried tofu with teriyaki sauce, a piece of chicken with special spicy sauce, and house salad with ginger dressing. I have mix feelings about this. Since this array of side items are what makes it so time consuming to produce from this truck. However, one could argue that this is one of the main reasons they frequent this truck, for the extras. It is very filling and who does not like a variety of little goodies? If one were to eat in a traditional Korean restaurant, there would be several side items that makes up the main meal. So this is traditional. It works when there are not a lot of orders and it kills the cooking team when it is busy, like at the Orlando Food Truck Bazaar. This food truck had the most consistent long line. Either way food is great.


Beef Box—Thinly sliced beef marinated bugogi style.

Amazingly tender, juicy, well marbled beef, wrapped in a toasted, just enough to warm the shell without making it crispy, soft taco shell. Or served with rice. The chicken wings were deep fried, nothing special. But, the drum sticks in special spicy sauce (gochujang base) is a meal on its own. Actually, the current offering has this wing as a main item on the menu. The cheese roll was lightly battered and fried crispy. Nice and gooey. A few salad crisps with savory, vinegary ginger dressing rounds out the box. Great combination for a great price.


Beef Short Ribs—Kalbi style marinated and grilled. Tender pieces of grilled sweetness.


Spicy Pork Taco Box—Thinly sliced succulent pork marinated in gochujang and grilled to just charred. Amazing.

The food from this truck is very fresh and exciting. There is a little bit of happiness for everyone. Continue doing what you do. We will follow you to eat.

Follow them on Twitter for locations as it changes almost everyday.

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5 responses to “Korean BBQ Taco Box Truck

  1. I have eaten at the Korean BBQ Taco Truck about 6 times now, always opting for either the spicy pork and rice or teriyaki chicken and rice because I didn’t know that I could get the tacos with rice instead of the soft taco shell. Thanks for that info, I was too silly to think to ask! It’s my favorite food truck in town and the best value too, in my opinion.

    • This taco truck has the best service around. Just ask them to prepare your meal however you want it. I am sure they will at least try to accommodate you.

  2. I am HOOKED on this amazing food truck; those little side items make the meal, so I am willing to wait the extra time for them. Plus, the folks working there, as you said, are so friendly and accomodating. Great write-up!!

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