New Orleans Cajun Seafood Restaurant

A piece of New Orleans right here in our own backyard. This very simple restaurant sits in the middle of “crime hills” next the Carribbean Super Center and across 1st Oriental Supermarket on Highway 50 (Colonial Dr.) For those of you who are scared senseless of crossing the threshold into Pine Hills, think again. This is a reason to go for the food and forget everything else. This little shack looks like it really is a little swamp hut from New Orleans. It has an old teetered look that says worn and lovely, come in.



Do not let these images hold you back. After all, the entire country stood still as Hurricane Katrina tore apart New Orleans and did nothing because they were too scared to look at what they saw. It is old and hideous looking, with fishing nets and old rope and old wood hanging all over the place. But, the food will have you sweating and calling out for yo momma!


Garlic Cajun Crawfish

Boiled crawfish in garlic and Cajun spices.

Oh lawd, Laissez les bons temps rouler (let the good times roll).  1 lb for $5. Bring 2 lbs and leave me alone to my fetish. This is not pretty eating. This is getting down and dirty, hands dripping of spicy juices, face all smeared, shells flying, suckling noises, little morsels of mud bugs and oh so nasty good! Need I say more….


Crab Clusters

Boiled crab clusters in butter and Cajun Spices.

Eh. Nothing special. Boiled in butter, a sprinkling of Cajun spices, soft shells. Just okay. Did not taste fresh. Probably frozen.



Hearty Cajun hot & spicy soup with Crawfish, Crab, Oyster, and
Shrimp meats cooked with fresh Tomatoes, Onions, Bell Pepper, & Celery.

A little too salty. Maybe, from the bottom of the soup pot? Nevertheless, unpalatable.



Spicy soup loaded with Shrimp, Chicken and Sausages meats thickened with
Okra, Tomatoes & Onions

Oh, yea here we go again. Big surprise comes in small bowls! This was a New Orleans Saints Touchdown! Amazing flavors, fresh vibrant seafood, ample sausage, plum rice, perfect spice level, perfection. These larger more fancy “New Orleans Themed” restaurants in Orlando take note. It could be done. Forget the prepackaged crap you serve.

I did have the beignets and not to cast a fishing net too far, not so much. It just did not have the luxuriousness as the ones at Café Du Monde, even though this restaurant sells the mix retail. I do not expect many restaurants in the US can replicate Café Du Monde’s beignets and I am sure they all try, but there is an outer body experience that is very hard to beat. So we will chalk these beignets up as little oil sponges and move on.

The king of this swamp shack is the crawfish, they really handle them with utmost perfection. Go have a couple of pounds, it is cheap and the experience is  Super Bowl Touchdown worthy.

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