The Ravenous Pig

In my last review of the Ravenous Pig, I was a little under whelmed by the service and manager. On a recent visit both of those areas had remarkable improvement. The server had deep culinary and service maturity. He knew when to suggest, when to make small talk, when to walk away, and when to listen. In as much as my second plate was served by a food runner who failed to clear an empty plate, I have to say that there is great progress in the service standard. The manager visited and made pleasurable conversation.

On this occasion like most visits here, we preferred to share a bunch of menu items.



charlie’s baby lettuce, avocado, beets, goat cheese, pistachios, herb vinaigrette

Whoever Charlie is, thanks for your labor, amazingly crisp baby lettuce. Every aspect of this salad blended like a green symphony. Is there such a thing? There is now. The pistachio were especially fresh and combined with the goat cheese added a heady almost sheep herder taste. Hence, the “Gather” I suppose.


Grilled Mississippi Quail

heirloom hammock hollow squash and new potato salad,ramps, sweet zellwood corn, green garlic

This little delightful bird was beautifully seasoned and cooked to tender perfection. Forget utensils here, this was definitely a hand, pick up and pulverize, moment. Hope no one was watching.


Steak Frites

Porcini marinated prime niman flat-iron steak, truffle fries, ramp aioli

I have to say, I am not a guy who goes after a chunk of meat. But this piece of heaven on earth literally melted in my mouth. The porcini reacted with an already generous cut of niman flat-iron steak and produced a marvelously sumptuous delightful culinary nirvana. The steak was tender, juicy, , and perfectly medium rare. Combined with a glass of A to Z “Chemin de Terre”, Blend, Oregon ’06the cow could have jumped over the moon and I would still be eating. Another order please! Sadly, the fries were over salted, but the ramps aioli was very earthy and delicious.



Zellwood corn crepes, florida blueberry compote, vanilla ice cream.

I did not really feel the crepes. They were a little on the thick side and just a tad under cooked. The blueberry compote was great with ice cream. A glass of Royal Tokaji “Mad Cuvee”, Late Harvest Tokaji ‘08was an amazing pairing. Looking through the sun and hay in the glass with tropical fruit notes was a perfect end to the evening.

The Ravenous Pig continues to break new roads and titillate our tender palates with new and creative culinary intrigue. What’s next? Kill a Mangalitsa pig? Oh did that today. It was sold out. Kill another one!

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