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Now I know why Venezuela has produced so many supermodels and Miss Worlds. They eat this thing, called arepas. Hold on, this little thing is healthy? Who cares the models look great I am in.

A soft little pocket made with corn flour, cooked on a flat top filled with delicious goodness, with juices oozing is exactly what comes out of this bright new truck. Just hold up a finger and say, “with everything, however, you make it.” The fillings are white cheese, gouda, soft white cheese, handmade cheese, beef, ham, chicken, pork, shrimp, black beans with cheese, crab salad, and chicken salad. Every item was fresh and delicious.

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The sauces are chimichurri, (in a bowl), red spicy, green pepper and cilantro, white garlic, reddish mayo and ketchup (in bottles). If one is doing take away, ask for little plastic to go containers. I prefer to add everything. I observed a Spanish lady grubbing and she had a unique stance. Her younger companions explained that in order to have a complete experience one should lean over, open pouch, dig in, until the entire thing is gone, and wash down with favorite beverage. Simple enough. Standard street eating practice. This little pocket was a blast. All the flavors exploded to make a delicioso quickie. Keep filling our stomachs.

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