Junior Columbian Burger


The Columbian burger rules. Hand made beef patty mixed with secret spices, cheese, crushed potato chips, pineapple sauce, garlic sauce, ketchup, mayo, tomato, lettuce, and onions form this gut bomb. A lot going on, eh? Don’t knock it until it knocks you on your gut. These combinations work wonders.


Prior to opening this restaurant, Junior had a food truck parked nearby. It was one of the original food trucks in Orlando. The burger produced from this mobile kitchen was phenomenal. Late night, right off the grill into the belly, there were very few things that came close to this nirvana. Business was so good that the next step was to open a restaurant.

When this restaurant opened the taste of the burger changed. I am of the opinion that they switched to a commercially produced patty. Although, I can not be for certain. The unique flavors of the burger were missing. A couple weeks after opening, the taste remained the same. The magic was gone. It was not the same. Why open a restaurant and change the one thing that made the burger a big seller?

Surprise, surprise. The hand made patty is back! When I visited recently, I asked the counter guy if they made their own patties and he replied by pointing to the kitchen. Straight through the open window they were mixing minced beef. He said something to the lady in Spanish and she held up a patty for me to see. Stuff it Traveler Foodie!

I was impressed to notice that everyone had a hat or hair net on and sanitation gloves. As I casually observed from the counter I could see the grill guy removing buns from the grill, then put on gloves and started to spread sauce from a squeeze bottle. Then he removed the gloves and went back to retrieve the beef patties from the grill with a spatula. He then put on gloves and completed the sandwich. Proper steps for sanitation purposes. Applause. Even more interesting was he used instant hand sanitizer before he grabbed my bag from the kitchen to bring to the counter. There is an abundance of hand sanitizer bottle dispensers all along the counter and kitchen. Really, in a small burger joint? They really are stepping up their game. The Health Inspector will be very thrilled. He might even have a burger, I will and so should you.

I also got the Columbiana La Nuestra Kola flavored soda. It was extremely fizzy and tasteless. The finish was a heavy laden coating on my tongue. Not so much. Recently they added arepas, empanadas and a couple of other items on the menu. Since I had a burger craving, I got a burger. Next time I’ll try something else. But the burger……gut bomb! You are back!

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