One Love Kitchen Food Truck

Where is the Facebook page or Twitter link or website? Me naw gat da mon. Dis a de ting, you want authentic Jamaican jerk chicken from the Caribbean you go find me. If u cain’t find me, u last. Me awright.

Blood cloth, mon, dis a de reeal ting, star. Listen carefully. I have been carrying around this secret for years now. Before the food truck craze hit mainstream America and the FoodNetwork did an actual show, and Food Truck is a life style in Austin, Texas and now there are Food Truck Bazaars all around Orlando, and everyone with an appetite wants to eat from a food truck, the jerk chicken was smoking slowly on Colonial Dr. Where on Colonial? You drive on Colonial all the time. How can you miss it?


One Love Kitchen Food Truck pulls up around 8 pm on Thurs, Fri, and Sat in front of Jahworks Automotive Repair Shop. The rasta, Mr. Popeye, (yes that is his name), comes ready to go. Most things are cooked from home and driven to the location ready to serve. Some things are cooked to order. I am not very concerned with the other things on the menu. My affection is for the Jerk Chicken. Not that the other things are bad, they are not. I am told as I stand around and wait that the ribs, rice and peas and other things are great, but like I said, Jerk Chicken.


He lights the smoker and nurses it to the right temperature. At around 9 – 9:30 pm he may put the first batch of chicken on depends on business. I like to have my chicken hot off the smoker so when I get home it is still hot. I have eaten the chicken from his warmer and I find it either too dry, too cold, or just not right. So over the years we have come to an agreement that I will only take chicken from the smoker. We have argued about this way back when.

Even though I have been eating jerk chicken from Mr. Popeye for years now he will not divulge the recipe. However, I’ll say that he marinates for 2 days and brings the chicken in a big container with a screw-on cover. He offers small orders for $7 and large orders for $10. An order can have sides of bread or rice and peas.  I have chicken with bread to sop up the remaining sauce. The chicken can be eaten as is, straight from the smoker or with sauce. Upon ordering request the heat level of the sauce. This is Jamaican hot. Don’t mess around. If you can’t handle Scotch Bonnet pepper don’t eat it. It will burn a hole in your pants, if you know what I mean. I have found that a good amount of pepper mixed with his own barbecue sauce compliments my chicken well. You may request yours anyway you like it, or ask for a taste.


The chicken is all leg quarters. It is fall off the bone goodness. The flesh is tender and plump with ample give on the bite. The bones are tender enough to chew. I know people who chew and swallow the bone, I don’t. This is best eaten with bare hands.

This food truck is located in a part of town that is not so desirable, especially at night. But even though it may look seedy, over the years that I have frequented this food truck, there have been nothing to worry about. There are like minded people who gravitate to great food. Fear not food warriors. This will be the best piece of chicken you will ever eat. Every ting irie, rasta.

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