Café Du Monde

Every so often one comes across some place, or something, or someone, whom or which they would remember and cherish for the rest of lives. This place for me is Café du Monde. Our love affair started as with many great loves, avoidance. I avoided this place like the plague. Every time I passed by I snickered at the long line. Wondering and laughing at the poor souls who waited for a piece of flour, sugar, water, coffee, cocoa, and milk. This is all they serve. Beignets and coffee, or cocoa with or without milk. What can be so good great about this?

Then on one of my many passings there was no line. The old lady was beckoning, the coast was clear, here was my chance, should I take the plunge and see for myself or let it go? My legs crossed the street and walked in, I looked around the see what the fuss was all about. someone said, “find a seat”. I followed. Then a far too overworked server came up and said, “How many orders?” Huh, what the hell was he talking about? He explained, orders come in threes, as in 3 beignets per order, with either coffee or hot cocoa. He looked around at the the fully packed shed, as if to say, “hurry the hell up or I am gone, don’t you see how busy this place is.” Okay I give in 1 order and cocoa, since I don’t really care much for coffee. I could have eaten 3 orders.

He came back with a crusty plate covered in sugar and piping hot cocoa. I had to part the sugar to find the beignets. One bite and I was in love at first bite. Never have I ever tasted something that literally melted on contact with such delicate flavor and poof it was gone. One sip of hot cocoa. What was in there? Liquid chocolate? Holy cocoa! Amazingly rich, creamy, foamy, sugary, cocoa, oh la, la, la, la. Now I know what food nirvana is. This is what food love is all about. This began my love story with Café Du Monde.

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