4Rivers Smokehouse Winter Park


This was my second attempt to try this place out. One my first attempt the line was way too long. What is the hype? So it is counter service with food slapped on a tray and picnic table dining. Big deal! Really big deal. Texas size big deal. New concept for Orlando. We are a little behind. That is okay. Scattered around the south this type of smokehouse/BBQ shack is all over the place. Smokers and grills surrounded by makeshift seats are the norm. So what is the big deal about this place.

It is definitely not on the back roads of the deep south, it is on the main entry way to one of, if not, Orlando’s most prestigious neighborhoods, Winter Park. So many restaurants have come and gone around here, what makes this a keeper? It is completely different from all the restaurants around it. Counter ordering and picnic table dining? No, it is the food.

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The food is the star. Look pass the hip, cool, outdoorsy vibe, that makes sharing on a picnic table a really cool thing. Focus on the food. Signature Angus Brisket that fell apart with great moist bark and tender perfection. Southern Pulled Pork was a pile of gooey, rich, fatty goodness. Smokehouse Prime Rib was moist, tender, delicate, and deliciously pink. St. Louis Style Ribs fell off the bone with firm give and thick juicy bark. Baked Cheese Grits was creamy and holdsome. 4R BBQ Beans was deliciously spiced and cooked to perfection, no mushiness here. John’s Potato Salad not so much. Fried Okra had a nice coating and tenderness inside. Texas Cornbread was a big sponge, soft and tender. Sweet Potato Casserole had a light cinnamon creamy taste. Chocolate Cake was huge but dry.

This Texas roadside smokehouse is definitely worth waiting in the long line. With the long line and picnic style tables one is surely to make at least another friend or two. These portions are huge so make plenty of room. Really good food and nice vibe. This smoke will take a long time to clear.

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