Maitland Food Truck Pod at Lake Lily 5242011

My first trip out here I missed the whole thing. I went too late and all the trucks were shut down ready to leave. So this time I made it a point to go early and fill up. Surprise, surprise, there was no parking. I had to park all the way in a desolate parking lot and walk to the event. No worries, it got me to really see the entire area. Lake Lily is a picturesque and enchanting old Florida scenic area. With the fountain, children’s play area, scattered tables and benches, and lots of grassy area. There could not have been a better spot for an evening of great food and entertainment.

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There was a local band playing way too loud to converse with the food truck vendors. I enjoyed the music but maybe a decibel lower. It is already challenging to stand in a food truck and bend through a window to take an order, add loud off key music and a disaster looms. Wrong orders? Okay, the music was awright. But a little lower please.

The was ample lighting and garbage cans. Luckily, this is a park so there are also restroom facilities. Several groups of people were picnicking on the grass. How nice. Along the walking trail there were doggie litter bags so even Fido can enjoy the evening. All around this location is very family oriented and enjoyable. Present were The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck, The Winter Park Fish Co., Korean BBQ Taco Box Truck, The Crooked Spoon, Red Eye BBQ, The Treehouse Truck, Mr. Softee Ice Cream Truck, and Big Wheel Provisions Truck.

All the trucks had a short enough line and wait time. The Treehouse Truck was taking orders and processing credit cards from an iPad, how rad is that? Mr. Softee Ice Cream Truck had the longest most consistent line, Korean BBQ Taco Box had the most steady line, and The Crooked Spoon ran out of bread momentarily. Fun evening, enjoying the great ole Florida outdoors.

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