The Crooked Spoon

Quite certainly the gourmet of food trucks. Fanciful sandwiches sets this bright shiny tin can apart from its competitors. Although, there is that star  power chef behind, awwww, through the window.

DSC00152 - Copy

Swordfish from a food truck? Hell yea. A marvelous chunk of swordfish lightly seasoned and cooked on a flat top covered. Covered! Steams the fish and keeps the moisture in, while still giving that nice grill char. Fabulous. They were out of regular bread so I opted for a sourdough type bread, nicely toasted. Onions, tomatoes, spring mix, and aioli rounded out the sandwich. Forget all the fillers, the swordfish stood proud. This is a very hearty piece of fish.



Enough of the deep fried fish tacos around and BBQ everything. Go for the grilled swordfish sandwich. Not many places in Orlando can serve a great piece of fish for a reasonable price. The Crooked Spoon is now my go to for a fish fix. Keep fishing.

The Crooked Spoon Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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