Fort De Soto Dog Beach

Doggie heaven. This is an amazing dog pawground and dog beach. There is a $0.35 toll charge to get out to Fort De Soto Park. That’s it! Once in the park there are endless options for beaching, camping, boating, nature trails, and a host of other outdoor activities. There is a dedicated area as a doggie park.

Like most dog parks there is a small and large breed fenced area. These are large and generous enough for a lot of dogs to frolick. Included is a “cool down” area. There is a long hose to bathe or just cool the hot panting four legged or two legged fellows.

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At one end of this paw ground there is a direct access to the designated dog beach. This is an off leash beach. So our four legged friends can run unrestricted all over the beach. For a first timer this barrage of thundering paws can be very intimidating. What happens when man’s beast friend returns to their wild behavior? Scary? Right? Thankfully, most dogs present are mildly excited and pretty much play calmly. Owners seem to pay close attention to their friends. Lucky. There is a certain camaraderie amongst dog owners that shows respect for every person’s space. The sand is soft and feels great on the feet. Cool calm waters for miles offers the perfect playground for any swimming furry fenon. This is an amazing outlet to just live in nature with man’s best buddy, his dog.

4 responses to “Fort De Soto Dog Beach

  1. We had gone there for years. Wonderful dog beach for all size dogs. This is my favorite park for dogs ever. The beach is the best part. This is not a crappy part of the beach, it is the bet part of the park. Take a trip to see it, you will not regret it.

  2. I’ve been the Fort De Soto before and fell in love with the gorgeous beaches. I’m so glad that there’s Ford De Soto is also a place I can also bring my pup. Thank you for the great photos and review!

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