Hogfish Bar and Grill. Stock Island, FL

Hogfish Bar and Grill Stock Island, FL.

If one can be patient and take the time to follow directions to find this place, it will be well worth the time. It is definitely tucked away from the prying eyes of tourists. This is a “locals” joint to the max. Everything that a seaside restaurant wants to be is this place. It is casual, loud, free flowing liquor, the freshest seafood from the boat to the plate, outdoors, and extremely laid back. If Key West could be placed in one establishment this would be it.

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Stock Island Shrimp & Grits Creamy Grits with Sautéed Shrimp, Peppers, Onions & Cajun Spices was fresh and full of flavors. The cajun spices mixed with creamy grits is a marvelous combination. Unfortunately, I went on a day that they had not caught a hogfish yet. They do not substitute this fish in their sandwich. If they did not catch any, they simply do not sell the sandwich. Much respect. So I settled for a Lobster B.L.T. With Southern Fried Green Tomatoes which was equally fresh and delicate. Seafood is best when it is not messed around with much. Catch and serve fresh is always the best.

Super pet friendly. The server provided a bowl of ice water and offered a treat. Most patrons wanted to play with the pooch who was more interested with the water and the boat horns. Nice laid back vibe, great fresh seafood, everything that speaks Key West.

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