Teriyaki House

Sitting in a shopping plaza on the south western corner of the Kirkman Rd and Colonial Dr intersection is the ambiguous Teriyaki House. Is it teriyaki? No. Is it New York style Chinese as the sign in the window claims? Not so sure. But there are a couple of different menus to choose from depending what language you speak. So what is this place?

It is like every other strip mall Chinese take out restaurant. A few tables and chairs to facilitate the take out wait. An ordering counter and a kitchen. There are pictures of menu items pasted to the walls and an ordering menu. Wait there is more…… Like ancient oriental philosophy, never reveal true self immediately, peel away layers slowly flower will peek out. Hidden behind the layer for American Chinese restaurant, is the real restaurant. One thing for sure, they do make exceptional authentic Taiwanese food.

DSC00540 (1024x576)

Salt and Pepper Fried Chicken, chicken marinated with soy sauce, sugar, five spice powder, rice wine, and black pepper; battered with sweet potato flour and fried with Thai basil leaves. Amazingly great little bits and pieces of popcorn….chicken. Wow nice snack. This is served in the Taiwanese night markets.

DSC00545 (1024x576)

DSC00546 (1024x576)

Rice Dumpling or Chinese tamale, called Zongzi. There are many different types of Zongzi; the one photographed is Taiwanese style. Made from glutinous sticky rice stuffed with pork belly, black mushroom, dried scallop, dried shrimp, peanuts, and chestnuts; wrapped in bamboo leaves. They are cooked by steaming or boiling; this one was cooked by boiling. This dish is made traditionally in Taiwan for the Dragon Boat Festival. Since it is now the Dragon Boat Festival I join the other side of the world in celebration. A surprising little bundle of joy.

DSC00547 (1024x576)

Pork Chop Combo Marinated Fried Pork chop, sour pickled mustard-green, stewed egg, Taiwanese sausage, stir-fried cabbage served over bed of white rice. The marinating of this pork chop sets it apart from many. It is true pleasure to bite into a piece and taste flavors all the way to the bone. The stewed egg was simmered in broth for hours. Do you see the color? Imagine the taste, tender and flavorful, not too salty, not too sweet, very balanced.

DSC00543 (1024x576)

Taiwanese BBQ Beef or Shacha Beef Beef stir-fried with shacha sauce with water spinach.Thin morsels of beef sliced and lightly coated with corn starch and BBQ sauce then stir fried. Very uniquely Taiwanese. This BBQ sauce almost has a fishy taste, like anchovies. Delightful dish.

DSC00542 (1024x576)

Appetizer Combination Dried soybean curd, stewed egg, kelp, Taiwanese sausage, stewed intestine, sour pickled mustard-green. Stewed intestine had a barn yard taste. Washed thoroughly, this is delicacy. Pass. But the rest of the combination was an nice sampling.

What this restaurant lacks in location and appearance it makes up in authenticity. Like the old saying never judge a book by its cover. Look pass the surroundings, walk through the door, the people are friendly and accommodating, and the food is definitely unique.

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