The Fish House and Fish House Encore. Key Largo, FL

The Fish House and Fish House Encore, Key Largo, FL.

This establishment is a fish market, seafood market, restaurant, sushi bar, and piano lounge all rolled up under two roofs and a nice tropical yard. It is laid back and fishy, as one would expect from a fish market. But the freshness of the fish in the showcase says it all. Walking from the parking lot to the front of the restaurant one can find the cooks hanging out back on smoke breaks. Quick, find out what is the freshest fish. Yellow tail snapper. That is dinner.

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The Manhattan conch chowder had lots of flavor and was very thick. An order of Smoked fish dip came out very smokey and delicious. Shrimp and scallops tossed in lime and white wine was overcooked but the portion was very generous. Fresh yellow tail snapper  in lime, lemon, caper, and white wine, although the freshest fish in the house, it came out mussy. The preparation seemed a little too ambitious for a place this casual. Messing too much with the food. Keep it simple.

A couple of tables along A1A afforded, dog friendly roadside seating. Not a lot of traffic, so the exhaust fumes was a minimum. Could do better with the outdoor seating. Okay food. Nice hang out.

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