mobile deli

mobile deli.

Welcome newbie! Sleek, shinny, techy, and good food. What else can a humble street food eater ask for?

Take note food truck vendors–they have an iPad to input orders and accept credit cards. Apparently there is a free app to download that comes with a credit card reader and presto, Credit Cards accepted here! They also have a real cool system of figuring out when the food is ready. Upon ordering they hand out a poker card, the corresponding card and order ticket is given to the expediter. When the food is ready the expediter places the card in the display window. Queens of hearts food is ready. Very innovative.

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The simplicity of the menu is ideally suited for the food truck bazaar environment. One is not forced to order a box full of different items to get a main item. This gives us a opportunity to try other trucks or more from the same truck. The flavors of the Korean Tacos here are subtle yet distinguishable. An optional addition of ginger is a marvelous touch. The herbs and tortillas are very fresh.

Great concept, delightful thoughtfulness in menu preparation, great execution in expeditious ordering and payment, extremely friendly service. You are truly a great addition the Orlando Food Truck scene.

Mobile Deli Food Truck on Urbanspoon


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