Oviedo Food Truck Bazaar 6122011

THEDAILYCITY.COM is Orlando City Culture: Oviedo Food Truck Bazaar JUNE 12th.

Set in a back parking lot of the Oviedo Market Place, this event garnered some attention.  Although, the crowd was not as huge as the Orlando Food Truck Bazaar at Fashion Square mall neither was it small like the Food Truck Pod Cafe at Lake Lilly. There were two trucks that always has a line anywhere else but had the shortest non existent line here, Pupusas and Arepas El Cacao. Sad.  Too ethnic for the delicate palates of the fine people from Oviedo?

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There were no directional signs neither restrooms for the event. But the music was blasting away. The music at Lake Lilly tends to be a little too loud and it is hard to communicate with the food truck vendors. However, the noise level here was okay. Maybe it was the wide open parking lot. There was ample room between trucks and trash cans were easily identifiable.

Nice event, nice crowd, good location.


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