Pupuseria Flores Food Truck

Pupuseria Flores

The lone yellow truck stuck in a back corner with no lines and  looking sad, like  little a  girl who came to the  ball with no date and no friends.

At the Orlando Food Truck Bazaar there was a non stop line, however the Oviedo Food Truck Bazaar showed no love to this little sweetie. Step up and take in the Salvadorian beauty. What the heck is a pupusas? In short it is a little pocket made with corn and stuffed with, in this case, pork, beans, and cheese; served with a slaw and watery tomato salsa. It is amazingly delicious.

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The corn pocket has a nice slight crusty texture with a little crunch. The beans was seasoned and mashed to a creamy texture, together with the melted cheese it made a superb combination. Slaw on the side was a nice addition with the salsa. This is a really good little treat.

Come out and dance you are  deliciosas pupusas salvadorenas.

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4 responses to “Pupuseria Flores Food Truck

  1. I love places like this you can get such good food for cheap. It just proves that you don’t have to have a fancy restaurant to serve up good food.

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