Big Wheel Provisions Food Truck

 Big Wheel Provisions.

At all of the Food Truck Bazaar events the line for this truck has always been long. So imagine my delight when I showed up at Firestone to an empty parking lot. I had a pick of the trucks. So here is my big opportunity to finally give the Big boy a try.

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The size of this truck’s menu is very large or is it written on the chalk board very confusing? Either way I have always felt like I could never really figure out what to order because I could never really be able to read the menu. So with no one there I had all the time in the world. The winner–pork belly tacos. Uh oh. Disappointing. There were two sad little tacos with very dry, hard, over cooked pork belly pieces accompanied by stale lettuce and a nondescript sauce.

With all the hype over this truck I was really expecting more. Maybe an off day? I’ll give them another try at some opportune time in the future.

Big Wheel Provisions Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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