NaraDeva Thai Restaurant

It will take a while to try every item on this menu. So since the first visit was so spectacular I am making this a mission to eat my way through the entire menu. On this visit I encountered similar genuine hospitality and great, flavorful food as the first.

Thai Beef Jerky

Marinated in garlic sauce, deep fried and served with Thai Sweet chili sauce. Delightful, flavorful, jerky texture. The little roasted garlic pieces adds another taste dimension. Although this dish is served with sweet Thai chili, try it with northern Thai dipping sauce, it compliments much better. Ask the owner for a try.

Laab (Minced Spicy Salad)

Ground pork–spicy and sour salad with ground roasted rice, onions, shallots, dried chili, garnished with mint leaves. An excursion of flavors bursting with freshness and balance.

Deep Fried Whole Snapper

In sweet chili sauce with red chili, garlic, and bell pepper with white rice. Fresh snapper crisp crusty deep fried, delicately balanced sweet chili sauce. Great textures and flavors.

Once again NaraDeva Thai Restaurant excelled in amazing dishes with bright vibrant flavors and genuine Thai hospitality.

Naradeva Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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