Chan’s Chinese Cuisine

Chans Chinese Cuisine.

There are a handful of restaurants in Orlando that serves Dim Sum. Chan’s stand out for its consistency, freshness, and abundance of items. Some of the other Dim Sum restaurants seem to be in a constant state of rush, rush in sit down, here is the food, hurry up and eat, now you pay, get out. Huh. Can the last piece of food at least get pass my throat? Forget about how unorganized, under staffed, and under par food they have.

Chan’s have somehow been able to master the art of moving the masses on a Sunday brunch, so at any given time they are ready for a crowd or a slower day. For the uninitiated gentle readers who are still puzzled as to what in the world is Dim Sum, simple; Chinese style tapas. Little plates of one or two pieces from a huge variety of items. No, not fried rice and lo mien. This is Cantonese style small dishes of meat or vegetable stuffed buns or crepes. Although, there is a full Chinese menu. But why go to Dim Sum and order from the menu? So how does this work?

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There is always a line or crowd hovering around the entrance. Be brave and nudge your way or allow yourself to be swept up front. Get someone’s attention, (there is no host), party of  “how many” and off you go. The restaurant is huge and the tables are mostly for parties of four or more, so larger the party the faster they sit you. Parties of two, try to REALLY get someone’s attention. Stand by, the minute you are seated here comes the carts of food. Great thing, we all eat with our eyes, the food stares back at you. Usually the carts have a couple of various dishes, ask the attendant to identify them. Another cart will come around and so on and so forth. They will keep coming around until you tell them to stop. Be careful pace your self, no one will rush you here, they may move around the dining room really fast and shout at each other but this is just they way it is. Relax and enjoy. Try a couple of things you might surprise yourself.

There are a  couple of different types of teas available. I prefer to sip on a pot of hot Chrysanthemum.  This is a loose leaf tea so let it steep a little and its okay if a couple of pieces are in the cup. They also serve it with some sugar crystals. Bright floral, nicely balanced tea. The food here is the star. There are items, steamed, roasted, baked, and sauteed. There is something for every discerning palate from steamed vegetables to fowl’s feet. Dig in and enjoy.

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