El Bodegon Tapas & Wine Restaurant

El Bodegon Tapas & Wine Restaurant in Orlando, Florida – A Taste of Spain in Central Florida.

Old Spain in Winter Park. A perfect representation of the old country. Nestled in an old building, with charming Spanish architecture and very ornate interiors sits an elegant old Bodegon, which literally translates to a tavern for food, drinks, and fun. Live flamenco musicians pluck away at old tunes.

The interior is very cozy with white table clothes and polished silverware. Although, very elegant there is still a laid back relaxed almost homey feel. Very comforting. The booths are lavish in leather. There are tasteful Spanish artifacts in various positions around the dining room.

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Tapas portions are generous. There are full bold explosion of flavors in every bite. Caldo Gallego Galician traditional soup with potatoes, beans and greens was okay. CROQUETAS DE JAMON Chef special Spanish ham croquettes with alioli sauce was more binder than ham. PULPO A LA GALLEGA Fresh octopus with olive oil and smoked paprika was outstanding. The octopus was soft, tender, and delicious. MEJILLONES A LA MARINERA Fresh mussels in marinera sauce was delightfully full flavored. Paella Marinera Spanish saffron rice with seafood and conch failed to deliver as their website claim “the best paella in Orlando.” It was well flavored with plentiful seafood, but nothing special.

There were many selections of Spanish wines by the bottle. However, choices for wine by the glass was slim pickings. Actually, there was none. House wine red or white? Thats it. Disappointing. With various tapas one would imagine a nice selection of wine by the glass to graze and share. Nada. Only one. House.

El Bodegon has all the characters of a classic elegant old restaurant, but fell short on several key elements.

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2 responses to “El Bodegon Tapas & Wine Restaurant

  1. The lack of wine selection is disappointing, but since tender, well-flavored octopus is hard to find in smaller places, I’m willing to give El Bodegon a shot. You also make those sauced up mussels sound like I should order two plates of them when I visit! Thank you for the detailed review.

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