Fortuna Bakery & Cafe

Fortuna Bakery & Cafe Inc.

I was sent to this place from Martins BBQ in search of soup. They did not have any, but I hit gold. WOW. The Colombians sure do know how to bake. Walking in to this busy little cafe one would imagine no one would acknowledge your mundane presence. Not at all, the busy attendants made eye contact and nodded. Great points for customer service.

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There are rows and rows of delicious sugar goodness all encased in the cleanest most glistening showcase. Whole cakes wrapped in layers of sugar with cute little roses and colorful add-on beckons. Whole sheets of layered yummilicousness wave you over. The little mini individual pieces of heaven winks and whispers, take me home. Oh la la, what to choose. Sugar heaven! Luckily, the attendant was nice enough to guide, answer questions, and point out favorites. This is how language and cultural barriers are bridged. It takes someone with passion and eagerness to showcase their unique product to make an ethnic business  successful. All pieces that  I sampled were spot on in texture and taste. This is definitely one top notch operation.

Great assortment of baked products and great customer service.

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