Martin’s BBQ

MARTIN’S BBQ ORLANDO FL, JOHN YOUNG PKWAY – Restaurant – Orlando, FL | Facebook.

This is Puerto Rican Island style BBQ. Non of that southern style with sauces. There is an array of Puerto Rican food served from a buffet style table. Look, order; to go or dine in; pay and off you go. If it is dine in, everything is served on disposable plates and bowls. One would self serve and self buss. There is also the standard flan, tres leches, and island style locally made drinks.

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Here is the kicker, every Sunday they roast a whole pig Puerto Rican style in the restaurant! Yea, they have a full concrete block area under a standard restaurant fire and exhaust hood. A whole pig. The Roast pork was tender, succulent and loads of flavor. Rich rosemary, thyme, and black peppercorns stood out. Watch out for the pig hairs. BBQ pork had a nice sweet tangy flavor but was very tough in texture. Rotisserie chicken  was tender, juicey, and flavorful.  BBQ Beans and Yucca (cassava) packed tons of flavors. Sweet plantains (maduros) was nice and firm, with a sweet balance.  The Mofongo was dry and husky, no flavors.  Flan and Tres Leches were ….. let’s move on.

This is a neighboring restaurant that caters to a predominantly Spanish speaking clientele. Be patient and wait for the English speaking staff. Apart from the whole roasted pig, I am not so sure it was a whole pig could have been large pieces, the food was just okay. Nothing special. No stand outs, just okay. There was a huge sign that advertised a special soup every Sunday, on this occasion–nada. No advertised food, poor communication, okay food, go figure.

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