Beewon Korean Cuisine

Beewon Korean Cuisine.

Interactive cooking! Cook up a storm at this nice warm and friendly spot in the Dr. Phillips area. Fancy cooking your own meal, this is the place to do it. Traditionally, Asian households sit around the dinner table with many side dishes and a main dish cooking, while they eat. Some are famous hot pot recipes, for Koreans it is the grill. Beewon, seeks to bring this tradition into the dining room. Of course cooking at the table is not the only option. There is a full menu that the chef will prepare and then there is the do-it-yourself version. It is an absolute joy to sit around turning meat on a fire enjoying friends, food, wine, nice ambiance, and extremely friendly service.

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The dining room welcomes with rows of wine bottles and a very open airy space. Gracious booths and seating gives elbow room to practice cooking on your table. There is an outdoor patio, that I was told could also accommodate table top cooking on individual gas burners. The menu is simple enough without an over abundance of items to overwhelm. There are a couple selections of wines, Korean Herbal wines, and beers.

Korean table top cooking comes with an array of side dishes. If there is a particular side dish that you had at another Korean restaurant and was not brought to your table simply ask, chances are they have it in the back. All of the side dishes tasted to texture, flavor, and temperature. The main soup dish had ample tofu and vegetables in a very balanced broth. Grilled Kalbi ribs were marinated nicely and cooked evenly. The service was on point. There was sufficient table presence and conversation. Empty dishes were removed and refills were prompt. Pleasantries were very cordial. Nice ambiance, nice food, great service. Definitely a place to experience with friends and family.

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