Mitchells Fish Market :: Fresh Seafood Restaurant

Mitchells Fish Market :: Fresh Seafood Restaurant.

Very surprising for a big chain restaurant. Anchoring one of the corners at Winter Park Village sits this very elegant lady all dressed up smiling and ready to serve. The reception was exquisite, very friendly, warm, and inviting. Covered patio, with outdoor sofas was very relaxing while taking in the foot traffic. Inside the restaurant had a warm homey feel yet very elegant. Nice plush booths surround the restaurant.

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The menu was a mixture of American seafood fare. There were heavy buttery sauces to light delicate grilled vegetables. A nice combination of items to satisfy a wide range of palates. A nice size wine list compliments the food well. There were a good mix of mainstream and smaller labels. The service here was top notch. All the right cues at all the right times. Good food, good wines, nice ambiance, good service, nice restaurant.

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