Bar-B-Q-Boys Restaurant

Another strip mall BBQ joint. Only difference is, this one is actually good. They actually grill out back like a backyard BBQ. There are a couple of tables and chairs for waiting, but people sit and eat out of the trays.

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The Beef Brisket was chopped in little cubes of delicious goodness. Pulled Pork smothered in sweet tangy BBQ signature sauce was a heap of sweetness. Oxtail Stew was fall off the bone done and well seasoned. The sides of sweet yams, corn bread, potato salad, rice and beans were done to taste, texture, and flavors. Baked beans stood out for the addition of tiny pineapple chunks, which added a whole different level of flavor. Red Velvet and Key Lime Cake stood on their own with moistness, sponginess and flavor.

Service here was bright, lively, and extremely hospitable. Great food, great prices, great service.

Bar-B-Q-Boyz on Urbanspoon


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