Mama Nems Soulfood Restaurant

Welcome to Mama Nems Upscale Soulfood Restaurant.

The dine in restaurant is closed for renovations, but there is a take out space around the corner facing Kirkman Rd. This is a typical take out space. A couple of tables for waiting or a quick bite spots the space. Towards the back is a long buffet style serving line. Order up, pay, and off you go.

Fried Chicken was moist tender, crisp, and juicy. Mashed potato was nice and creamy. Collards greens was well cooked with no bitter taste.

Meat loaf was nicely cooked, a little on the dry side, but okay. Mash potato was creamy. Baked beans was just okay.

There was nothing that stood out from these selections. They were just okay. Counter service was a little lacking. Out of four people behind the counter one actually looked up, spoke and assisted, the others were too busy with their own conversation and being avoiding. How rude to stand in front of someone and they can’t even make eye contact. Mediocre food, less than stellar service, poor showing.

Mama Nems' Soul Food on Urbanspoon


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