Achilles Art Cafe

When did an art café snuck onto the scene right under my nose in Metro West? This is the best kept secret in town. Tucked in a plaza off of Kirkman Rd and Metrowest Blvd…, can’t tell you more. It is too cool. I don’t want to share.

The front is like a little garden, with ample plants for shade and privacy. There are a handful of tables with umbrellas and chairs, really cool. Enter the art den. Whoa! It is a huge open space with cool art adorning the walls and, get this, the ceiling. There are plush sofas and chairs scattered around for group or communal seating. Single high backs line the bar. A couple of single corners sprinkle around.

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A very eclectic menu of sandwiches, pastries, smoothies, coffee drinks, beer, and wine makes this place a pleaser for everyone. There definitely is something for everyone. All or most of the wines are by glass or bottle. The smoothies are a build it your own sort of way. There are daily and weekly specials of sandwiches and salads. The unique sangria is made in house with fresh fruits. Be fore warned this stuff creeps up and packs a mighty punch.

Service here is by the owner. He is cordial and amicable. A very calm, cool, relaxed man, who really takes time and shows pride in his work. He really lets people just graze around the café and wander among the wonderful art. Cigars and hookahs are available also.

The vibe is relaxed and service is very hospitable. It is amazing that this place is not overflowing or maybe I went at a slow time. Oh, there is free Wi-Fi! I am afraid this place may not stay below the radar for too long. Until then, enjoy.

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