Pio Pio International Drive


Without seeing the sign and actually walking into this restaurant one would assume that it is closed. The dark reflective tint on the windows block any sight of activities. Understandable, since the restaurant faces Kirkman Rd. and the beating afternoon Florida sun.

It is an expansive open dining room with hues of Latin colors. The tables were white linen and butcher paper with standard paper napkins. There is no host so a server nodded to an empty table. Several minutes later…..okay forever later a server walked over and asked for a drink order at the same time handing us menus. Okay, maybe they were busy. Not really, more like unorganized. Order placed, beer took forever to arrive. Frosted mug, had a bad odor. Food was delivered by another server. During the entire meal our server was more interested in talking and interacting with the other servers or what was going on outside the front door than our table. There seem to be a common thread among service staff to avoid interacting with guest at all cost. I even observed a server at a table pretending to listen to the guest while rolling his eyes at the other server. Another server was more focused on changing the track blasting Latin music. Did not seem like any staff wanted to be there. Poor showing on all levels.

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The rotisserie chicken was cooked perfectly. Seasoning was spot on. Very flavorful, juicy and moist. Rice and beans was okay. Skirt steak was a perfect balance of flavoring. The chimichurri was definitely bursting with flavors. Yuca fries were crisp yet tender inside. Good down to earth food. Nice portion size. They have a Peruvian beer, Cusquena, not bad at all. Medium body, nice balance.

If the server remembered we ordered another soup, it would have been somewhat decent. Then again, if we weren’t given someone else’s check it would have been okay too. Oh, I can’t go on…..Arrogance comes to mind. Food was okay, service was an embarrassment to the Orlando tourism industry. Shame on you to represent Orlando.

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