Caribbean Supercenter

Caribbean Supercenter.

All things Caribbean in one place! Most Caribbean supermarkets are small cramped and overstocked. No there. It is huge with an enormous selection of fresh produce, meat, fish, grocery, and anything and everything imaginable from the Caribbean.

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Off to one side of the supermarket is an entire section of cooked food. There is a buffet style showcase with at least 20 items to choose from. Take a ticket, or they would ignore you. When your number is ceremoniously called step up and be ready to order or they will move on to the next person. Did I mention service is a little lacking? Very unCaribbean.

On this occasion, the goat curry was fall off the bone tender. Although, there was way too much curry powder present. The curry was very unbalanced and watery. Rice and peas was a little on the dry side. Sweet plantains were spot on. Some items are a hit or miss here.

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