Kona Dog

Hula Dog » Authentic Hawaiian-Style Hot Dogs.

Touristy? Not at all. Very unique and the only place in Orlando to enjoy this delightful comfort food.

The Kona Hot Dog Hut is ideally situated along Orlando’s premier tourist strip, International Dr. Just passing by, this little place beckons. It is completely decked out with surf boards, outdoor tables, and colorful signs. A throwback to any surfer hut that dots the Hawaiian coastline.

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Regular style hot dog bun cuts on the side and opens like a sandwich. At Kona Dog it is done, of course, the Hawaiian way. One side of the bun has the opening. It is toasted from inside, your choice of sauces, your choice of dogs, in goes the dog, and wa la. A full burst of juices combines with the fruity sauces makes for a great treat. Service is very friendly and casual. Aloha spirit all around.

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