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the gourmet hut st augustine via Gourmet Hut.

Walking around downtown St. Augustine is really stepping back in time. There is a fort, tiny streets, pirates, taverns, little nooks and crannies, quaint little shops, and the Gourmet Hut. Just walking by and taking a glance beckons a weary walker. The place is from the pages of a fairy tale. Small, tiny, and cozy, covered with trees, plants, brush, vines, flowers, amazing. There are actually two buildings connected with an open air terrace or garden, absolutely charming. Someplace this fairy looking can not have good food, right? Wrong!

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The chef is an actual French man. He makes classical French and European style food, complete with fanciful sauces and all. As least that is what the owner boost. On this day there were two twiggy teenagers running the show, one handled the building with coffees, teas, shakes, and regular drinks. The other was cafe chef extraordinaire . The owner made an appearance or at least she acted like an owner, smoozed everyone and them disappeared, fairy world? Back to the food. When they say every thing is prepared fresh, they actually mean that. Or it just took a helluva long time to appear on the table.

Manhattan Clam Chowder was all clams, thick, rich, bursting with flavors. Blackened fish wrapped with mango, avocado, and salsa. It was an ample fresh portion of fish, miraculously cooked. Tender, flaky, and juicy. The fruits were extremely fresh. Chicken pot pie was a delicious little treat. The pastry was crisp and flaky….did I mention flaky, yes, definite Frenchy. Hot chicken in rich gooey filling rounded out the pie. The passion fruit, mango, guava smoothie was very refreshing. Surprise, surprise, the wait was worth it.  Service was delightful and cheery although the wait was long. But hey, back in the day, people actually  took a load off and enjoy. Delightful, cozy, charming place, surprisingly good food.

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