Indra’s Kitchen Caribbean and West Indian Cuisine

Indras Kitchen in Orlando, FL by Yellowbook.

This is the home of 2010 Duck Curry Competition Winner!

Okay let’s check ’em out. Look carefully in this strip plaza along Old Winter Garden Rd. at Hiawassee Rd.or you may pass it by. There are no bright visible signs on the building’s structure, just the neon “Open” sign and a painted sign in the window. Regardless, the space is rows of tables and chairs with a counter at the end. Decor…move on.

On this Saturday night, at about 8pm they were almost out of everything. There was no roti, no dhal puri, and the fried rice would have taken 45 mins to cook. Must be yummy. Ok, whats left? Curry duck and rice. Okay one order please. The very straight faced, non interactive, no words, just head and hand gestures counter person disappeared through a door. I could hear the curry being reheated in a cooking vessel. He came back out 10 mins later with a to go bag and two containers. While I was waiting, I glanced around at the couple of tables with men sitting around with numerous beer bottles on the tables. What is it with West Indian men hanging out in restaurants and guzzling dozens and dozens of beer? I also peered in the beer display cooler and to my surprise for a place that boast “We serve beer and wine” on their flyer, there were no West Indian beers and one bottle of White Zinfandel. Maybe they stored them somewhere else? As I looked around the tables there were Heineken and Bud Light. I did not want to ask just in case the counter person chased me with a cutlass.

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The serving portion was very generous. There was ample rice, packed separately. The duck meat was tender fall off the bone goodness. Skin was definitely browned before simmering in the curry sauce. The sauce’s consistency was very balanced not too watery but not too thick. However, the flavor profile was lacking. Maybe I was expecting for a “Duck Curry Competition Winner” that there would have been a distinctive taste or something special. Nada, Nothing, Flat. It was extremely mild and lacked the punch a West Indian curry should carry. There was an underlining heat that was all pepper and no spice. Heat level was quite distracting from the curry and duck flavors. Almost masking the flavor profiles.

If this is the gold standard of  Duck Curry in Orlando, then this upcoming 6th Annual Central Florida Official Duck Curry Competition is wide open for the taking.

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