Timehri Restaurant


In sharpening my tongue for the upcoming Orlando Duck Curry Competition, today is all about the Duck Curry. It was extremely busy when I called to place my order. When I showed up at the restaurant, it was packed. There were two large groups and several, I mean alot of, to go orders ready for pick up. That is a nice sign.

At first glance of this duck curry my heart sank. The duck’s skin was thicker than usual with larger pimples or feather roots. Not to be disappointed o ye of faint heart, it melted like butter. There was ample roasting prior to the long simmer. The aroma wafting from the container was pure curry heaven. Texture of the duck was marvelously tender. The flesh literally slide off the neck bones, that is not an easy feat to accomplish without mushing the rest of the pieces. There was a good combination of meat and bones. Viscosity of the sauce was magnificent and luxurious. It coated the back of a spoon evenly. No long runny, watery curry  here. Perfectly balanced curry powder to masala ratio provided a distinct flavor profile with a slight underlining heat. The roti, a flat bread, was fluffy and medium chewy, with great soaking power to sop up that great sauce. This is definitely the Duck Curry to beat. Although, the owner said that he was not going to participate, it would be a shame.

My previous review also showed the mastery of this little gem.

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