Spring Garden Caribbean Restaurant

Spring Garden Caribbean Restaurant.

Ideally set at one of the selected entrances to prestigious Windermere, Florida, home of professional golfer Tiger Woods and the likes, is this modest little Caribbean Restaurant. Little, as in the sense that it appears small from the storefront. There are several hi top tables outside. Inside the restaurant is generously large with several tables and chairs in the front dining area, a pool table, several more tables and chairs in the back bar area, a dance floor, and an ordering counter. There is a full liquor bar available which caters to several weekend parties. At the entrance there is a table with Caribbean businesses cards and flyers.

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On this occasion I asked for the counter person’s recommendation of their top seller item. She immediately pointed out that their Lo Mein is talked about in Caribbean circles. So I went with her lead. The lunch portion was very generous with fried chicken and pieces of cucumber to cool off the hot pepper sauce. Noodles texture was neither soggy nor al dente, but a true West Indian chewy. Vegetables were well cooked. The flavor was salty with a chemical like aftertaste. The fried chicken was moist, but very oily. Unfortunately, there was a puddle of oil at the bottom of the tray.

In the drinks cooler there was only domestic sodas and fruit drinks. When asked about Caribbean sodas, was told that they sell out pretty quickly. Setting was modest and location great, will have to try other items for a more informed opinion.

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