Melissas Chicken and Waffles Food Truck

Passing along Colonial Dr. I spotted Melissa’s Chicken and Waffle truck. Hoohyah! Previously I had the Ultimate, read about it on a previous post. Today, I wanted to taste just the Chicken and Waffle. True to its amped up big sister, the chicken was just pure heaven of crispness, juiciness, and moistness. The waffle was soft and fluffy, a splat of gravy added the perfect lube. To really experience the genuine taste of this chicken, I highly recommend just the chicken and waffles. Then step up to the Ultimate. I did it backwards, like everything else.

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Since I was on Colonial Dr. why not grab a fresh squeezed sugar cane juice from Saigon Market. My friend got the large with lime juice, it was good, but not as pure as without the lime. Still amazing.

We went to Lake Eola and sat on the grass. After eating we had to stay seated in a comatose position for a good while before we came back to earth.

Melissa's Chicken and Waffles on Urbanspoon

Saigon Market on Urbanspoon


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