NaraDeva Thai Restaurant Social Media Dinner

NaraDeva Thai Restaurant.

Since this restaurant encompasses the quintessential Thai customs, flavors, and hospitality, I wanted to share the experience with my fellow bloggers.

So I invited Orlando‘s most trusted food bloggers to indulge in the uniqueness of Thai cuisine. After a little meet and greet session of wines, beers, and Thai tea we all swarmed the dinning room. We were presented with the complete transformation of Bear Rock Cafe space into a journey through the centuries, with a backdrop of unique stained wood, brick, artifacts, and furnishes from Thailand. It is hard to imagine that there was another nondescript restaurant in this space.

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As the food started to flow, we were exposed to the unique flavors of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, pandan leaves, ginger, chillies, garlic, tamarind, coconut milk and a host of other Thai spices and herbs. The various meat. seafood, and vegetable textures and flavors combined with simple stunning sauces made quite a statement. It became evident that deep passion, authenticity, and the gentle Thai way of sharing is the driving force in this humble establishment.

The story of young, brilliant, exotic college student meets charming, handsome man in Paris is yet to be told in its entirety, but that is the love story of these two owners. The earnest dedication of providing a true sense of her home country led the owner to personally stain the wood beams, age the fireplace to recreate ancient stone, lay tiles to reminisce old Thailand, and deliver an aristocratic plethora of flavors. Though not classically trained as a chef, she manages the flavors with a very exquisite and practiced palate. As her mother handed down their rich cultural heritage, this very humble lady shares the flavors of her ancestors with you. This is certainly an experience reserved for far away lands, but it is right here in Orlando.

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