Gator Country BBQ Food Truck

Gator Country BBQ.

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The fire engine red little truck sits calmly in a corner, manned by two lanky gentlemen who look like they could definitely drag a gator out of the swamp, with bright cheery smiling faces.  The pure simplicity and down to earth demeanor suggest exactly the food they are serving. After all, it is alligator out of a Florida swamp probably not too far from where you are standing right now. Exotic as it many sound, to the Floridian, this is meat out of the back yard. Hence, I admire the no frills approach of this food truck.

Their menu is fairly simple and straight forward with limited items cooked and delivered fresh. The usual gator suspects are burgers, fritters, skewers, and tacos. Couple of weeks ago I tried the fritters or was it corn meal balls….not so sure. But on this grand occasion I dove into a swampy gator skewer and went straight for the jugular with mustard BBQ sauce. Ouch, that bite was nice. The sauce had a tingle with slight sweetness and enough acidity to cut through whatever fattiness remained on the meat. Texture of gator meat is like chicken. That’s what everyone says, right? Actually, the texture is more between the firmness of pork with the tenderness of chicken. It is really a nice clean piece of meat. Totally delicious. The nice thing is this food truck actually grills to order. You wonder why it takes a little longer to come out, but bear in mind fresh meat grilled and eaten is far superior than half done meat reheated to finish. Definitely worth the slight wait.

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