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OMG Lobsta! I finally had a chance to encounter the Monsta at Orlando Food Truck Bazaar Lowes Red Bug Lake Rd. this last weekend. With a story of giving up the corporate world for a food truck, family ties to Maine, and giving back to charities which support families affected by disasters, there is definitely a welcomed honesty in the food truck community.

Let’s see if it is all story and no bite. Regular Lobsta Roll Meal  includes 4oz of monsta lobsta on a toasted New England style bun, Cape Cod chips, pickle and a drink. Actually, more bite that story. This lobster filling was 100% honest great lobsta. Pure and simple, minimal fuss, let the lobsta claw its way through your senses. In steep traditions of Maine lobster rolls this food truck does not hold back. They would make generations of New Englanders proud. The large welcoming smile and hello from the truck attendant feels like a seaman’s warm hug. Great food, great hospitality, can’t wait to try their clam chowder. Has anyone tried it yet?

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