Wicked Wiches Food Truck

Wicked Wiches.

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I had the fortunate opportunity to be in the Oviedo area last weekend, so I took advantage of visiting the Orlando Food Truck Bazaar at Lowes Red Bug Lake Rd. To my delight there were several new trucks I had not tried yet. First pick, the Wicked Wiches.

With a name like Wicked Wiches, a play on “witches” was my first take, but having looked at the menu it was clear the play was on “sandwiches”. Okay, so I was taken in. My two young partners in feast, an 11 and 13 year old, were both excited at the thought of “witches” making their food. Nevertheless, they were even more excited at the menu options and the offering of “kotas”. Kotas? What is that, their faces were turned up? Gentle reader for those of us non worldly people, Kota or Bunny Chow as it is called in South Africa Indian communities is a hollowed out bread filled with curry. Hmmm. Naturally, we had to try.

The menu describes Curry Coconut Chicken Kota–All white meat shredded chicken, in coconut milk, with pineapple, white raisins, and curry. The description failed to mention something sour, really sour….like too much acidic sour. This overpowering sourness ruined the entire kota. The bread was too soft for such a dish because the curry sauce soaked right through, making it a ball of mush. We also ordered Bourbon Mango Pork Kota–pulled pork in Bourbon BBQ sauce with real mango slices.  Exciting! We got a Sloppy Joe Kota in Joey Sauce. Could not really tell from the menu if these are two different things or the same. Disappointing. Of course the kid just took it and asked after their first few bites where was the mango? Nothing special from the sloppy joe, was it from a can? Fried Pickle–not much to say….it was okay.

With this loaded, well written, tantalizing menu I expected to be dazzled. But sadly it was a let down. This seems like a great take on fanciful food with top chef type combinations but fell flat on the execution. Did I mention we were the only order and it took forever to come out? Is it me or was it a little on the pricey side for food trucks? Another sad showing. Messed up order, slow delivery, bad execution…..My young companions said, “We give this food 2 stars out of 10.” Their words not mine. It is great to hop on the food truck wagon, but can the Orlando dining public tolerate this mess? Maybe we should try something else? Maybe that is why we were the only order. What do you think, should we patronize high priced, colorful menus with less than stellar execution?

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