Twisted Cuban Food Truck

So here it is, the screaming truck all jazzed up for a Latin festival. Walking up to the Twisted Cuban food truck, at Orlando Food Truck Bazaar Lowes Red Bug Lake Rd. you cannot help but smell the wafting of that authentic Cuban smell found on the corners of Calle Ocho in Miami. Hmmm.

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I was pleased to see that there were several items sold out. That could only mean….food is good or they did  not prepare enough. After tasting the Cuban Sandwich I’ll go with, food is good. Cuban Sandwich–Roasted pork, sliced ham, swiss cheese, yellow mustard, and pickle pressed between a nice sized Cuban bread. The serving was very generous and all the components fresh. The sandwich took a while to come out and it was a little under crisp. Maybe, I am spoiled with Versailles Restaurant, Calle Ocho, Miami, where the Cuban sandwich is delivered compact, stuck together and very crisp. However, apart from the compactness all of the flavors where there.

While waiting, the truck attendant offered my doggie a treat. Now that is genuine hospitality. I am always moved when attendants include everyone around into the conversation. It is like when you go to a restaurant with a kid or the elderly and the staff accommodates or offers something special. This was the first time I have had a food truck vendor offer my doggie a treat and my doggie is present every time I go to a food truck event. So fedoras off, woof woof. Good sandwich and dog friendly. Only good things can follow. Who does not want a doggie treat offered?

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