Que Rico Colombian Fast Food Truck

Que Rico Colombian Fast Food \ Downtown Orlando Florida.

As I stood in front of this food truck contemplating the menu, it dawned on me that I did not really know what makes a burger or hot dog Colombian? Yes, I’ve had Junior’s Columbian Burger and I still believe that his burger was better on the truck rather than his restaurant. But what really sets this apart from any other hot dog or burger?

The very cordial and extremely gracious young lady lurking through the open door read my hesitation. She walked over and ever so gently asked if I had questions? Seriously? A food truck vendor willing to come out and stand face to face with a patron and discuss their food? Not just say….it’s all good? I welcome the lesson. When asked the proverbial question, what differentiates these burgers and hot dogs from every old American, she responded confidently…..”It is all in the fixings and sauces.” Ah ha! The secret atlas! Not so quick…the sauces are pineapple, cilantro, and “pink”, the fixings are heaps of shoe string potatoes, fried eggs, and bacon….A glance through the menu will reveal all of these ingredients in various combinations. But no details on the sauces….she kept me mystified.

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Having had the Junior Burger experience, I decided on the Original Perro (hot dog) Potato sticks and cheese; sauces: pink, pineapple, cilantro, and pimento.  The bread was a regular hot dog bun and the dog itself was nothing different from any other hot dog. But like the kind young lady pointed out, it is all in the fixings. This combination of flavors works extremely well together. Both bread and dog were cooked perfectly and carried the “Columbian fixings” wonderfully, taking the simple hot dog to a whole different continent. Thanks for bringing a little part of South America to North America.

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