The Crepe Company Food Truck

The Crepe Company.

A wah? Crepe, where are we? Europe, hoyty toyty Frenchy restaurant? What in the wide world is this thin little thing – ma- jiggy cooking on a flat looking surface? Ok, ok, pipe down….I know, not all of us are as sophisticated as you. But really, what is this?

Ok, a crepe is a thin pancake like looking thing similar to Indian dosas or the very familiar food truck tacos. Though, tacos are harder and stiffer. Crepes tend to be softer, chewier, and sweeter.  The main ingredient is wheat flour. The Crepe Company has a runny mixture which they pour over a hot flat crepe griddle and with a special spatula even out the mixture. A few minutes, a flip, and the wala, crepe is done.

What goes in? Glad you asked. The marvelous minds at the Crepe Company has a ginormous selection of items to choose from. However, it would be suicide to serve all of those items on a mobile platform…or is it? Whichever way, there is a menu board in front of the truck/stand. If they took the time and effort to write a menu board, maybe they are saying this is what we are serving today.  Who am I to be difficult? I want whatever they are serving. As suggested by the ever smiling people who work the griddle, we got the Nutella, banana, and smores crepe. I did mention they were smiling. Yes. The patient smiling, generous service is a welcomed addition to any food truck scene.

Nutella, the sweet hazelnut spread so adorned by all, with bananas, and smores, the campfire favorite, combines to make a pretty delicious cone. Biting…oh stop, sorry….WARNING: extremely hot….carry on…Cautiously nibble until you can stand the heat or the heat pipes down. The sweetness and gooiness oozing from this delicate treat would have anyone weak in the knees. Rich decadence covers the palate to a smiling satisfied belly and mind. No wonder the attendants are always smiling. Great concept, great service, great food. I heart crepe!

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