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New Menu Items

Devilled Eggs_thumb[1]

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Devilled Eggs The creaminess of this egg yoke, with fresh crisp celery and other herbs makes this a perfect little starter. The filling is not too soft as to overflow the egg whites, but still not too hard as to not be dry. Great taste and texture.

Braised Cabbage_thumb[1]

Braised Cabbage was simmered in balsamic vinegar and brown sugar for scrumptiousness. The sprinkling of goat cheese elevates this simple cabbage to a whole different flavor profile. Amazing.

Brussel Sprouts_thumb[1]

Brussel Sprouts was simply steamed. The earthiness and pure simplicity of letting the product speak for itself is proof in the utmost of quality control that this restaurant exhibits. Pure freshness.

Snow Crab Claws_thumb[1]

Snow Crab Claw Opened_thumb[1]

Fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws cold succulent sweet crab. The amazing a la mode dressing rivals the famous Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami. My vote from personal experience—Yes!

Banana Cream Pie_thumb[1]

Banana Cream Pie is amazing, crumbly, chocolate crust filled with light, fluffy cream, chocolate sprinkles, topped with more light creamy goodness, drizzled with caramel sauce, accompanied by fresh bananas. Dessert or entrée? You choose. This dish is meant to eat whole heartedly. Not by dissecting. Full potential and impact of the flavors melting together is from a spoonful. Although, it looks like a huge portion the lightness of this item makes it a definite closer. Simply sinful and decadent.

Andrew Murray Tous les Jours, Shiraz_thumb[1]

Andrew Murray,Tous les Jours, Shiraz In the world of wines, there are the most sophisticated poetic blending of flavors and terrior and varieties and subtle little changes and temperature and hey…stop….This is what Tous les Jours does. It is an easy to drink, young, non fussy wine that pairs well with many different foods. No wonder, California Pinot Noir is named 2011 Wine of the Year by Wine Spectator magazine. This everyday wine is an excellent add to Hillstone Winter Park’s already phenomenal wine list.

Recurring Menu Items

Crusted Grouper_thumb[1]

Crusted Grouper Lightly crusted fresh flaky grouper with slaw. Very light and airy, even for a fried breaded item. Nice crisp crust.

French Dip Au Jus Sandwich_thumb[1]

Famous French Dip Au Jus Sandwich Thinly-sliced prime rib served medium on a toasted French roll with mayonnaise. Dipping this little handful into au jus should be against the law. Sinful. Succulent juicy prime rib is to die for. Shoe string potatoes, sliced and fried fresh, definite difference from a fast food joint.

Grilled Artichokes_thumb[1]

Wood Grilled Artichokes If there is such a thing as vegan meat this would be it. Spooning out the hearts is a treat all in itself.

Hawaiian Ribeye with Loaded Potatoe_thumb[3]

Hawaiian Rib Eye Marinated then grilled over hardwood, served with a baked potato. The flavors of sugar, ginger, soy marries tremendously with this marvelous cut of meat. Take one look at that loaded potato! Yum, yum, yum….this is a stand out.

Salmon Filet_thumb[1]

Hand Filleted Salmon Wood grilled and served with seasonal vegetable. They actually hand fillet the fish. Beautifully cooked, texture, seasoning, temperature on point. This fish was definitely swimming!

Spinach and Chicken Waldorf Salad_thumb[1]

Spinach and Chicken Waldorf Salad Julienne apples, bacon, cashews and chopped egg. The flavors of this gem are truly worth a trip to Hillstone. This salad was light and bright with flavors and several different profiles. It is amazing that there is no puddle of vinaigrette at the bottom of the plate, since the coating was very even.

Lemon Drop_thumb[1]

Lemon Drop Martini Simple drink right? What sets this apart, is the juice from a fresh picked lemon. You guessed it, the lemon comes from their herbal garden right out back.

Hillstone Winter Park continues to remain a stalwart among staying fresh and true to the ingredients. Just the thought of having an herbal garden on site to provide the freshest of ingredients goes to show the care and adherence to simple farm to table attributes.

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