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My first attempt at trying something from this food truck was a couple of weeks ago in Oviedo by the Lowes. It was approaching 9 pm and they had already closed. My bad. Just an abrupt, “Close”. Okay…Next time, no offense taken. So here is next time.

Having read through the menu and all that this truck is about on their website I was thrilled. Popular cheese gourmet up from a proud Johnson and Wales University graduate….this is not a regular thing on the street. The food truck bazaar at Lake Nona is set up as to walk down a street. I walked the entire length of food trucks scanning for Gastro, finally found it at the end. Approaching the truck I read the very limited menu and was a little disappointed. Non of the cheesey goodness salivated my taste buds. Nothing Gastro here. So I settled for Mac and cheese and Tomato Bisque soup. The Mac and cheese was nothing special, no distinct stand out. So was the Tomato Bisque, very blah. Maybe I should have tried one or a couple of the cheesey goodness. Next time, or ????

If the catchy word “Gastro” is being used because of the surgence of  “Gastro Pubs” great! But something gastronomical has to come from the truck. Not so sure grilled cheese qualifies. But then again, who am I to question forward thinking?

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