Chewy Boba Tea Orange Blossom Trail

Along busy Orange Blossom Trail across from the Florida Mall, in a maze of storefronts, sits the popular Boba Tea shop Chewy. This same place was called Lollicups not so long ago. Everything remained the same, but it seems like the owners dropped the Lollicup franchise and went out on their own.

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With these milk teas it is all about which brand tastes better. There is a plethora of flavors and combinations. Some are all powders and ice, some has fresh fruits, some are….you get the picture. Chewy has managed to keep that powdery chemical taste away from these drinks and produce a high quality great tasting concoction.

Boba Milk Tea Black tea with milk and tapioca balls. On this particular occasion the tea was somewhat watery and lacked the pull flavor profile. Tapioca pearls were of proper texture slightly chewy not mushy nor hard.

Avocado Coconut Smoothie a Specialty House blend of, you guessed it fresh avocado, coconut milk, and ice. This was a smooth blend, very flavorful and fresh. Refreshing!

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