Fish Out Of Water Sushi Truck

Sushi on a truck? Even so, outdoors? Is that even possible? Yes it is, as this truck is demonstrating. Taking the mystery and reverence of raw food and sushi, it is encouraging to see someone attempt to bring what is still a somewhat misunderstood food to the food truck scene.

So what’s the deal with raw fish on a food truck? Their facebook menu includes tuna and salmon sashimi and nigiri however, the posted menu at Daily City Orlando Food Truck Bazaar Fashion Square did not display that. Did they have those items? I should have asked. The chef has carefully steered clear of raw fish in their rolls or maki. All too often most sushi restaurants find it necessary to have 100 “common” rolls and a few “specialty” rolls. How many combinations can there be of asparagus, avocado, cream cheese, and mayo? I am happy to see that this food truck has a very limited amount of common rolls and a few specialty rolls. It is a food truck after all. However, the price for most specialty rolls is a little on the high side. If one were to graze through the various so called sushi feeding holes in Orlando one would find specialty rolls ranging  from $10 upwards to $20, at the more hoyty toyty establishments. Are ingredients priced that high? No, the mark up is about 400% in a sushi restaurant! But to find a sushi truck with those same outrageous prices, no wonder there was no lines.

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On this occasion we decided to try their specialty Spider Roll Tempura fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, krab, and spicy mayo rolled futomaki, and topped with eel sauce. The soft shell crab lacked crunch and the rice was soft and bland. Don’t see anything ‘specialty’ here. This roll exist in most sushi restaurants. Ring of Fire Roll Spicy tuna and cucumber tempura fried and topped with spicy krab, sriracha, spicy mayo, greens onions, and masago. Nice presentation, good amount of heat. Both rolls were tight enough yet not squishing the ingredients or loose so that everything falls apart. Even though it took forever to get two rolls, not too shabby.

Contrary to most sushi restaurants in Orlando’s claim to flying in fresh ingredients from Japan, here is a little inside secret…..they all shop from Sanwa, Nishimoto, JFC (the big Oriental suppliers) and any local mom and pops supplier who will deliver and give them a good price. Wake up we are not in California or New York City, nothing is getting flown in from Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo on a daily basis. So what sets the different ‘sushi masters’ apart?  Handling of fish and taste of rice. The great debate of vinegar verses sugar via sushi vinegar and sweet wine combined with temperature and texture is still going on. All I can say is my personal preference. I am a strong advocate for a slightly less than al dente rice, meaning grainless but not mushy, and tartly vinegar, a little bite. How that delicate dance on your palate rings is all up to you. Fish Out of Water Sushi Truck is a great welcomed change from all the hyped crazy outrageous “gourmet” stuff on a truck, but there has to be price adjustment.

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