Funky Monkey Vault Wine and Gift Stop

Home Page.

A vault? What’s in there, money, gold, diamond, frankincense, and myrrh? You know the Three Wise Men….oh… Christmas is gone. No, but the contents date back to Dionysus and ancient Greek Mythology – WINE! Yes. It is a wine and gift store.

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Without conducting an indepth item by item audit, it appears that the wines sold in this store are featured in Funky Monkey’s five restaurants in Orlando namely, Bananas Diner, Prickly Pear, Nicks Italian Kitchen, Funky Monkey Wine Company Orlando and International Drive location. It is sold by bottle or case. There are also gifts and accessories. Custom furnishing and  clothing are crafted by Alicia Markstone.

The storefront is along Mills Av. in the emerging eclectic Mills 50 area. Th purple awning makes it easily recognizable. Inside the store are neatly stacked wines. The attendant was welcoming and very informative. Prices are reasonable. Nice cozy surroundings.

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